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St John's CE First School

Year 2 Easter Experience Wimborne Minster 2019

To celebrate and make connections between the Easter Story and Jesus' life and teachings, the children attended an engaging and thought-provoking visit to Wimborne Minster.

Year 2 enjoyed investigating different elements of Easter and were able to use symbols, stories and interactive activities to deepen their understanding of Easter and make connections between Jesus' life and the meanings behind different elements of the story. They had a chance to explore 'The Last Supper' by sharing and eating grapes and bread with one another to understand the importance and relevance of this in the Easter Story and to make connections with their own special meals with family and friends. The children also explored themes such as 'remebrance', 'sharing our sorrows' and 'Jesus as a servant'. We thank Captain Kev and the volunteers who supported us to challenge our thinking and broaden our perspectives on this significant part of the life of Jesus.